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Save Time With a Pool Water Delivery Service

Save Time With a Pool Water Delivery Service
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There is nothing quite like diving into your swimming pool for the first swim of the season. If you’re new to pool ownership or you had to empty some water for the winter, you may need to fill it up.

There are several ways to fill up your pool with water; one of them is pool water delivery. If you were not aware, you could have pool water delivered directly to your home. Understanding how to manage this pool water delivery and what it takes to get your pool filled (and how much) will require a bit of research. Here are some of the most important things you must know about pool water delivery.

What Is Pool Water Delivery?

Pool water delivery is having water delivered for pool use. People can have a water truck delivery for drinking water, but this type of bulk water delivery is a bit different. These water truck deliveries will be intended solely to fill your pool. The water delivery companies come directly to your home and handle your water needs. The process is obviously going to have costs involved; however, you will absolutely save time by choosing a water delivery service.

How Does Bulk Water Delivery Work?

Bulk water delivery is actually quite simple. You will contact a local company or service that handles this, and they will bring water to your home in a large pump truck. The truck will have hoses that will reach into your pool, and they will fill the pool up.

Most of the time, with a bulk water delivery, you will pay for a bit of labor as well as a per-gallon price for the water. Make sure that you get a quote for your water delivery before signing up for the service. Remember that water is a resource that has quite a bit of cost associated with it.

Why and When to Fill or Refill Your Pool

Sometimes you will need to refill your pool because of an issue with the water that became unsafe. Other times there could have been a leak in the pool that caused the water level to lower.

There are many reasons why you may need to refill your pool; here are a few.

  • Pool had a leak
  • Opening for the season, the pool needs to be topped off
  • Pool had an issue with a return and had to be partially emptied
  • Brand new swimming pool or spa
  • Pool is only used seasonally and needs water put in every summer
  • Pool water was somehow contaminated

4 Ways to Find a Pool Water Delivery Service

Although swimming pool water delivery service companies are not quite as popular as a local pool repair man or cleaning company, they do exist. If you are looking for a swimming pool water delivery service, try these locations first.

1. Swimming Pool Water Delivery Near Me

If you search swimming pool water delivery near me, you will come up with many good options. Make sure that the water delivery service is actually located in your area before you reach out. Some companies have a fleet of trucks, and they use them for a wide range of reasons. One of these reasons could be pool water delivery.

2. City or Municipal Water

You can contact the city to see if they have a service that will bring water to your home. City water is usually available through your tap as well. However, the water delivery is going to get this project completed quite a bit quicker. As far as the rate you will pay, chances are you are going to pay about the same if you fill the swimming pool water yourself or have it delivered.

3. Well Water

Well water is another option when it comes time to fill your pool. Some homes are built on a well and use that well water for most of their water needs. The only issue with bulk water coming from a well is that if there is a drought type situation, the water may not be available to use.

4. Fire Department

Depending on your location, the fire department could be a great choice for filling up your pool. Some fire departments will tap in directly to the hydrant and pay you for the gallon and for the time that it took them to fill your pool. We can almost guarantee you this will be a very fast way to fill your pool.

Calculating How Much Water Your Pool Needs

When it comes time to fill your pool, you may need to do a bit of math to determine how much water is needed. Most of the time home owners know the approximate size of their pool. Of course, if you have a rectangular pool, some of these calculations could be easier than others.

For the most part, the formula is as follows.

Length x width x average depth x 7.5 = volume (in gallons)

The 7.5 is a constant as there are 7.5 gallons in each cubic foot. This formula first gives you the number of cubic feet in your pool and then converts that into the volume in gallons. If you think of a 16 x 32 pool with a low end and a deep end, the formula would look a bit like this.

16 X 32 X 5.5X 7.5 = 21,120 gallons

This pool would need approximately 20,000 gallons of water to fill it. If you have an oval or round pool, the formula would be as follows.

3.14 x radius squared x average depth x 7.5 = volume (in gallons)

When it comes to kidney-shaped pools, we recommend using the two formulas above and trying to break your pool into a series of regular shapes. For instance, take a look at your pool and see if it is really a rectangle with two half circles. Try to figure out these calculations and then use the above formulas. This has always seemed to be the easiest way to do it. There are also several pool calculators that you can use to help you learn how much water it will take to fill your pool.

Maintenance Before and After Water Delivery for Pool

Wouldn’t it be great if the pool water that was delivered to your home was ready to go? Could you imagine not having to test the water or apply all of those expensive chemicals? Unfortunately, this not usually the case. There are a select few pool water delivery companies that will supply chlorinated water, but chances are you are going to be starting from scratch.

It is very important that you test your pool water as soon as your pool has been filled. It is not safe to start swimming until the pool water has been properly sanitized. Depending on where you get your pool water delivery from, there could be some contaminants in the water.

Immediately after the pool has been filled, you should turn your filter on and start running the water through the filter. Chances are you are going to need quite a bit of chlorine initially and some stabilizer as well. Check all the levels of your pool, including the pH, and put in the chemicals you need to get the proper levels.

This is what your levels in your pool should be.

How to Reduce Pool Water Loss

Sometimes you will need a pool water delivery because the water in your pool is draining faster than you can keep up with. There are two major ways that you can help to reduce the amount of water that your pool is losing.

Check for Leaks

Water loss is generally a sign that you have a leak in your pool somewhere. This leak can be in the pool itself or a rip in the pool liner. If you are losing water due to a leak, you will notice that your pool is lowering on a daily basis. Even if the leak is a slower one, it is going to be noticeable.

Before you call a delivery truck full of water to your home, make sure that you address the problem. You will likely need to call in a professional pool repair company to have them fix the leak. Pool owners need to pay close attention to their pools and the water chemistry to get a head start on an issue like this.

Purchase a Cover

Another great way to help reduce pool water loss is to purchase a cover for your pool. We highly recommend something like a solar cover. This cover sits on your pool and helps to minimize evaporation. In addition, it will heat up the temperature of your pool. These covers are not all that expensive, and they will certainly keep your water bill down.

Pool Water Delivery FAQ

Can You Have Water Delivered to Fill a Pool?

Absolutely! Having water delivered is a great option if you need water fast and you don’t want to leave your garden hose in your pool for the next week! Depending on the size of your pool, water delivery can be come from a local water company or even a fire department.

How Much Does Pool Water Delivery Cost?

Pool water delivery costs vary depending on pool size. Typically you will pay per gallon and for delivery charge. Consider getting quoted for your pool before having the delivery truck come to your house since the price of water is not always all that cheap.

How Much Does It Cost to Fill a Pool With Water?

It is estimated to cost about $300 – $450 for every 6000 gallons of water supplied to your home. This cost includes a service and delivery charge that water trucks must provide.

How Much Is a Truckload of Pool Water?

A truckload of pool water will vary in price depending on your water company used to supply the water. The water can change in price, too, depending on the quality and whether or not it has been treated previously.

How Many Gallons of Water in a Pool?

The number of gallons in a pool will depend on the size. If you have a larger pool you will be looking at 20 to 30 thousand gallons of water in your pool. For smaller pools, it’s closer to 10 to 15 thousand gallons of water.

How Much Does It Cost to Have 1000 Gallons of Water Delivered?

1000 gallons of water is more of a top off than anything else. Depending on the company, it can be around $100 or so to have 1000 gallons of water delivered. If you can use your hose, you can save quite a bit of money.

Does the Fire Department Fill Swimming Pools?

Not all fire departments will fill swimming pools. However, there are some counties in the United States where this is an option. The fire hydrant can be tapped into, and the water will flow very quickly to the pool.

How Big Is a 20,000-Gallon Pool?

A 20,000-gallon pool will be about 16′ x 32′ and have a low and deep end. Assume the low end will be about three feet deep, and the deep end will be about 8 feet deep. A 20,000 gallon pool will likely be a medium to large in ground pool.

How Much Water Is in My Pool?

Finding the amount of water in your pool will require a pool water calculation. Multiply the width by the length by the average depth. When you have this number, you will also need to multiply by 7.5. This will turn the number into gallons.

Pool Water Delivery Recap

A pool water delivery is a great method for filling your backyard pool without having to use your garden hose. Whether your pool is new or recovering from a pool leak, a pool water delivery will be your best choice to get your pool water filled.

Keep in mind that depending on where you live and the water source you have, you will pay a delivery fee as well as a fee for the water that is put into your pool. When you pay for a few water deliveries, you will probably realize the need to decrease the amount of splashing at your next pool party! Although a pool water delivery is not something that all pool owners will have access to, it’s good to know that you have these options the next time that your pool needs some water.