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How to Keep Ducks Out of Pool: Effective Methods and Tips

How to Keep Ducks Out of Pool: Effective Methods and Tips
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If you’re a pool owner, you know how frustrating it can be to find ducks swimming in your pool.

Not only do they make a mess with their droppings, but they can also be a safety hazard for swimmers. Fortunately, several effective ways exist to keep ducks out of your swimming pool.

From using solar covers to owning a dog, there are many ways to deter ducks from entering your pool area.

Some methods involve using fake predators or decoys, while others rely on natural deterrents like plants and water sprays.

By implementing these strategies, you can keep your pool clean and safe for swimmers.

This article will explore how to keep ducks out of pool areas. Whether you’re dealing with a single duck or a flock of them, these tips will help you keep your pool duck-free and enjoyable for everyone.

how to keep ducks out of pool

Understanding the Problem

What is attracting ducks to your pool?

Why Ducks Love Pools

Swimming pools are a perfect oasis for ducks. They provide a safe and clean water source, essential for survival.

Ducks also love pools because they are usually surrounded by lush vegetation, providing them shelter and food.

They are attracted to the pool’s calm and peaceful environment, making it an ideal spot to rest and relax.

Moreover, ducks are social animals and often travel in flocks. When one duck discovers a pool, it will soon attract others, making it difficult to keep them away.

They will keep returning once they become accustomed to the pool, making it challenging to prevent them from returning.

Why Ducks in Pools Are a Problem

While ducks may seem harmless, they can cause several problems when they invade your swimming pool.

Firstly, their droppings can contaminate the water, making it unsanitary and unsafe for swimming. Duck droppings can also cause health problems, including skin irritation and respiratory issues.

Secondly, ducks can damage your pool’s equipment and infrastructure. Their sharp claws can scratch and puncture pool liners, while their beaks can damage pool covers and equipment like automatic pool cleaners, pumps, or motion sensors.

They can also clog pool filters and skimmers, leading to costly repairs and unwanted pool maintenance.

Lastly, pool ducks can be a nuisance and disrupt your activities. They can make a mess by splashing around in the pool, leaving feathers and debris behind. They can also be noisy and disturb your peace and quiet.

Preventative Measures

Now that you know why ducks are showing up, it’s time to get down to business. Here’s how to keep ducks out of pool areas.

Cover Your Pool

One of the most effective ways to keep ducks out of your pool is to cover it with a solar cover or a pool cover.

Not only will this prevent ducks from swimming in your pool, but it will also keep debris and leaves from falling into the water.

Solar covers are a great option because they also help warm the water in your pool, making it less inviting for ducks to take a dip.

Note: If you have an automatic pool cleaner, ensure the cover doesn’t interfere with it.

Add Deterrents to Your Pool

There are several types of deterrents that you can add to your pool, which help with keeping ducks away.

One option is to use animal inflatable pool toys, such as shark floaties or flamingo inner tubes, and leave them floating in the pool when uncovered.

Ducks will see these toys as potential threats and are likelier to fly away.

Another option is using fake predators near your pool, such as plastic owls or snakes. These can be effective because ducks are naturally afraid of these natural predators.

Create a Physical Barrier

If you have a persistent duck problem, you may want to consider creating a physical barrier around your pool. This can be done with a fence or netting around the pool area.

You can also install motion-activated sprinklers or lights to scare away ducks when they approach your pool.

It’s important to note that while these preventative measures can be effective, they may not work for every situation.

If you continue having issues with ducks in your pool, you may want to consult a professional pest control service for additional assistance.

Non-Lethal Removal

Here are some non-lethal ways to remove ducks from your outdoor space.

Chase Them Away

One of the easiest ways to keep ducks out of your pool is to chase them away. When you see a few ducks in or around your pool, make loud noises or wave your arms to scare them off.

You can also use a long stick or broom to shoo them away. The goal is to make them feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in your pool area.

Use Noise

Ducks are sensitive to loud noises so you can use this to your advantage. Try playing loud music or using a noisemaker to scare them away.

You can also use a motion-activated sprinkler system that emits a loud noise when it detects movement. This will not only scare away the ducks but also prevent other animals from entering your pool area.

Use Water

Ducks are attracted to water, but they don’t like to get wet. You can use this to your advantage by spraying them with water when they come near your swimming pool.

You can use a hose or a water gun to do this. You can also install a pool cover or use a solar cover to keep the water out of sight. This will make your pool less attractive to ducks and other animals.

Remember, using non-lethal methods to keep unwanted ducks out of your pool is important.

Killing or harming ducks is illegal and inhumane. Using these non-lethal methods, you can keep your pool clean and safe for humans and animals.

Lethal Removal

After trying all the above methods, you may have to get more serious.

Hiring Professionals

If you have tried all the non-lethal methods and they have failed to keep ducks out of your pool, you may have to resort to lethal removal.

However, it is important to note that killing ducks is illegal in most areas without a permit.

Therefore, the best option is to hire a professional pest control company that is licensed and authorized to remove ducks from your property.

Professional pest control companies have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to safely and humanely remove ducks from your pool area.

They can use traps, bird netting, and other methods to capture and relocate the ducks to a more suitable location. They can also provide advice on how to prevent future duck infestations.

DIY Methods

If you decide to remove ducks from your pool area yourself, it is important to do it humanely and legally.

You should never use poisons, firearms, or other lethal methods to kill ducks. Instead, you can use non-lethal traps, decoys, and repellents to scare them away.

Here are a few DIY methods to try:

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Live Traps

One effective DIY method for removing ducks is to use a live trap. You can purchase or rent a live trap from a hardware store or a pest control company.

Place the trap near your pool and bait it with some food that ducks like. You can release the duck in a more suitable location once the duck enters the trap.


Another DIY method is to use decoys to scare ducks away. You can purchase duck decoys that look like real ducks and place them around your pool area.

The decoys will make ducks think there are already ducks in the area, discouraging them from landing in your pool.


Finally, you can use repellents to keep ducks away from your pool. There are many commercial repellents available that are safe and effective.

You can also make your own repellent by mixing water and vinegar and spraying it around your pool area. Ducks do not like the smell of vinegar, so they will avoid the area.

keeping ducks out of swimming pool

Now You Know How to Keep Ducks Out of Pool Water

A duck invasion can leave pool owners puzzled.

But you can protect your pool from unwanted visitors by comprehending their attraction and employing preventive methods like covers, decoys, and barriers.

The ultimate aim is to maintain a clean, safe pool area that respects human and animal well-being.

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