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Pool Safety Covers: Everything You Need to Know

Pool Safety Covers: Everything You Need to Know
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Do you want to keep your pool clean during the winter? Are you afraid your child or pet might fall into the pool while you are not looking? 

All you need is a pool safety cover. During the winter, for example, you may not want to use your pool for long periods. By doing this, you will be able to secure your pool. So, in such cases, you can invest in a pool cover to protect your pool while also ensuring the safety of your loved ones. Plus, these covers are durable, so you can even use the same cover for years during the off-season. 

Picking one may seem hard, but it’s not. You need to consider the material and how often you will use the cover first. For some options, you can space out maintenance work during winter months, while for others, you will need to put in minimal effort when you open the pool for the season. 

The 7 Best Pool Safety Covers

This guide will help you out with the search for the best in-ground swimming pool cover for you. By laying out all your options and their features, we will tell you about the top 7 best swimming pool safety covers to buy.

1. Happybuy Pool Safety Cover 16’x32′

Happybuy Inground Pool Safety Cover 16x32
426 Reviews
Happybuy Inground Pool Safety Cover 16x32
  • 【Good Material】- Soft and tough PP material, durable and high temperature resistance. It can shield the swimming pool from dust, fallen leaves and rain, ensure the cleanliness of the swimming pool, and...
  • 【Reasonable Size】- Suitable for 16x32 ft swimming pool;The size of the swimming pool cover is 18x34 ft
  • 【Easy to install】- Comes with installation tools that makes it easy to install at home.You can drill a 40mm deep hole with a 19mm diameter drill bit.The length of the rope fixed is adjustable between...

The pool cover is made of tight mesh, designed to protect your pool water, pool equipment, and your children and pets. It prevents the pool water from evaporating and becoming dirty. It also keeps out debris, dust, and leaves but lets rainwater permeate through to ensure proper drainage.

This product needs some maintenance in the winter, especially with accumulated snow, which needs to be removed as it may damage the cover.

The cover is very easy to install and comes with installation tools to aid the process. It also has reinforced webbing that makes the mesh durable and long-lasting.


  • It comes in a variety of sizes
  • Can withstand big temperature changes
  • Simple installation and comes with installation tools
  • It prevents pool water from evaporating


  • Installation requires a drill
  • It needs to be maintained in the winter

2. Blue Wave In-Ground Pool Safety Cover 20’x40′

Blue Wave Rectangular In Ground Pool Safety Cover 20x40
140 Reviews
Blue Wave Rectangular In Ground Pool Safety Cover 20x40
  • Select cover based on your pool size. Actual cover measures approximately 2-ft wider and 2-ft longer
  • Comes complete with all hardware to install on concrete decking.Fabric Type:Polyethylene
  • Includes: brass anchors, stainless-steel springs, buckles, installation tools, and storage bag
  • Drill and tamp style brass anchoring system permanently secures anchors in concrete
  • Multi-seamed stitching ensures safety and prevents wear and tear

This long-lasting product is powerful. It can hold up your entire family and yet is light enough to remove from your pool easily.

The cover is made of two-ply mesh with reinforced straps to prevent tears and breaks. It offers the absolute best winter protection for your pool. The mesh keeps out any debris but allows rainwater through, which helps drainage.

It comes complete with hardware like brass anchors and stainless steel springs, along with installation tools, buckles, and a storage bag.


  • It can be customized to fit any rectangular pool
  • It comes with hardware to install the cover
  • Anchors permanently secure in concrete
  • Reinforced straps ensure durability
  • 12-year warranty


  • Difficult to install
  • Some customers have trouble finding the right size

3. LinerWorld In-Ground Safety Cover 20’x40′

LinerWorld In Ground Safety Cover 20x40
56 Reviews
LinerWorld In Ground Safety Cover 20x40
  • Actual Cover Size: 22’x42’ – Cover comes with 2ft overlap - Requires 3 ft of decking or cement around the pool for proper installation
  • Soft & tough material – tight, porous, mesh material keeps out debris
  • Comes with Installation Kit for perfect installation – requires holes drilled for anchors
  • Quality Tested
  • Do not walk on the pool cover

This Mesh cover is the easiest fix to your pool maintenance needs. Fitting any rectangular in-ground pool, this cover can keep your pool clean efficiently. Its porous, tight mesh will catch any bugs or leaves from entering your pool and will let rainwater filter through.

Keep your pets and children safe with this safety net, but be careful not to walk on it as it cannot hold much weight.

The cover has 2 feet of overlap and requires 3 feet of the clear deck to be installed properly. However, the installation process is so easy that you will not regret sacrificing this space. So if you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable product, this is the one for you.


  • Cost friendly
  • Extremely easy installation
  • Come with an installation kit
  • Has been tested for quality and durability
  • Has an optional center end step


  • The pool has to be measured very carefully
  • Full-grown humans cannot walk on it

4. Hinxietie Pool Safety Cover 16’x32′

Hinxietie Pool Safety Cover 16x32
16 Reviews
Hinxietie Pool Safety Cover 16x32
  • 【TIGHT MESH】With high-density mesh surface design, our pool cover can allow water to pass through easily for the best drainage, while keep the water clean by preventing leaves or debris.
  • 【IMPROVED DETAILS】Reinforced webbing of every seam, multi-seamed stitching can prevent wear and tear. Reinforced wear strips on the bottom of the pool safety cover to guard against cover abrasion and...
  • 【SUITABLE SIZE】The size of this inground pool cover is 18 x 34 ft, which can match the swimming pool of 16 x 32 ft or any size smaller than the size of the cover. The long side has 6 gaps, the distance...

Next on our list, this pool cover will protect your loved ones and keep your pool clean throughout the offseason. It can protect your pool against the sun, wind, ice, and snow. The high-density, reinforced mesh will reliably keep your pool clean and safe.

The cover has webbing in every seam and uses a multi-stitch method that prevents any wear. As a result, the pool lasts for years and does not fray. Additionally, the hardware is made of stainless steel, which won’t rust and will last long.

The pool size that this cover caters to is anything measuring 18 x 34 ft. or less. There are only 6 gaps on the longer side and 3 on the shorter, making the cover very simple to install. The process is also made easier by the addition of installation tools and accessories.


  • It comes with 3 free stickers to patch up any damage
  • Installation equipment is included
  • Made of high-quality, environmentally friendly material
  • Mesh is reinforced to prevent wear
  • Works well for both in-ground and above ground pools


  • Requires drilling to install

5. Waterwarden Inground Pool Safety Cover 16’x36′

WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover 16x36
37 Reviews
WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover 16x36
  • HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS – WaterWarden Pool Safety Covers are UL classified in accordance with ASTM Standard F1346-91, giving you peace of mind that your inground pool will be properly safeguarded.
  • ADDED SAFETY AND DURABILITY – This swimming pool cover features 2-ply strapping that’s triple-stitched throughout for maximum strength. All straps have non-corrosive aluminum tips and large X-tacking...
  • INSTALLATION HARDWARE INCLUDED – A tamping tool, installation rod and hex key are included for installation. The solid brass anchors recess flush into the pool deck so they don’t pose a tripping hazard...

The WaterWarden protects your pool against the elements. In addition to its 20×40 feet size, it has an 8-foot center end made of porous, high-quality tight mesh. It keeps out dirt and debris while allowing water to flow through easily to keep your pool spotless and well-drained.

A unique design makes it possible to use it for years without wearing out. It has reinforced seams and rubber strips that keep it and your pool flawless. Its triple tread stitches at the stress points prevent any tearing throughout the years. In addition, the mesh is UV resistant and can withstand rot, mildew, and chlorine.

Customers are pleased with its fitting as it fits flush over any in-ground pool and has completely straight seam lines. The makers have designed this using the most current computer technology that aids with shaping and cutting.


  • Made of high-quality mesh
  • It fits perfectly flush with the pool
  • Rot, UV, mildew, and pool chemical resistant
  • Designed specially to prevent tears or rips


  • Only works with in-ground pools

6. Blue Wave Bronze Above Ground Pool Cover 28′ Round

Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Winter Cover 28ft Round
15,334 Reviews
Blue Wave Above Ground Pool Winter Cover 28ft Round
  • pool size: 28 feet
  • cover size: 32 feet
  • protects against sun, snow, ice and wind
  • 4 foot overlap to ensure there is no stretching or ripping
  • pool size: 28 feet round

With The Blue Wave, you can get the durability and strength of the best pool covers for above-ground pools at a fraction of the price.

The covers are UV protected and will stop the growth of algae in your pool over the winter. Throughout the off-season, the cover will not wear because of its polyethylene crim. Its innovative design has a 4-foot overlap that fits securely over your above-ground pool. Its quality is impressive for the price, with a vinyl coated cable and rip-proof metal grommets.

The product comes with an 8-year warranty, so you can be assured that the price is worth it. So for years to come, you will know that your pool will be pristine when you open it for the season.


  • It comes with a cable and winch to install
  • Very cost-effective
  • UV protected
  • Has rip-proof grommets
  • It comes with an 8-year warranty


  • It only comes in navy blue

7. Waterwarden Inground Pool Safety Cover 18’x36′

WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover 18x36
107 Reviews
WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover 18x36
  • HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS – WaterWarden Pool Safety Covers are UL classified in accordance with ASTM Standard F1346-91, giving you peace of mind that your inground pool will be properly safeguarded.
  • ADDED SAFETY AND DURABILITY – This swimming pool cover features 2-ply strapping that’s triple-stitched throughout for maximum strength. All straps have non-corrosive aluminum tips and large X-tacking...
  • INSTALLATION HARDWARE INCLUDED – A tamping tool, installation rod and hex key are included for installation. The solid brass anchors recess flush into the pool deck so they don’t pose a tripping hazard...

WatreWarden inground pool covers have been thoroughly tested and are UL classified. They fit the ASTM standard, so you can rest assured knowing you have used your money on a reliable product.  Additionally, it can easily hold up to 4000 lb. of weight, ensuring that your children or pets are protected.

The cover safeguards your swimming pool with its lightweight mesh that allows rain to seep through but keeps all debris, leaves, and dirt out. It also has 2-ply strapping and triple stitching to make sure there are no tears or wear. Its brass anchors can be installed flush into your pool deck so that the view is not messy and does not present a tripping hazard.

It also has abrasion-resistant pads and non-corrosive aluminum tips. These ensure durability while keeping your pool deck from any damage.

Furthermore, installation is made easier by providing installation tools like a tamping rod, hex keys, and installation rod.


  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • Pool covers can be customized in size and shape
  • UL classified and fits the ASTM standard
  • It comes with installation equipment
  • Has a generous overlap to ensure safety and coverage


  • It does not include buckles for straps

Purpose of Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Block Light

Swimming pool safety covers block light, which helps prevent evaporation and saves on refilling the pool every season. It also helps decrease algae growth, and this keeps your pool clean and fresh throughout the off-season.

Prevent Debris Build Up

Cleaning solid debris out of your pool can be a hassle. However, a safety cover will catch any fallen debris, leaves, twigs, and more. As a result, your pool will stay clean and easy to prepare for the summer.

Prevents Children/Pets from Falling In

The safety of children and pets is a high priority for anyone. The use of a pool cover is a great way to prevent your family members from falling into the pool during the off-season. Most can withstand a substantial amount of weight so that a person or pet can run across the pool without any danger.

Visually Appealing

Most people would wish to keep their yards looking neat and clean, and the right cover can help you achieve this.

Some pool covers come in various colors that you can pick to fit your yard’s aesthetic. For example, you can alternatively choose a green or blue-colored cover that would mimic the shade of the pool water.

Straight seams and flush coverage are also necessary. Flush hooks and anchorage points will also prevent tripping hazards around the pool.

Mesh vs. Solid Safety Covers: What’s the Difference?

While shopping for a pool cover, you may be unsure whether to search for a solid or mesh cover, so let us weigh the pros and cons for each. What you most need to consider is how much time you are willing to put into maintenance, how you can store the cover, and the weather in your area. Also, consider the cost you wish to pay – if you can put aside money for repair and other things.

Solid Pool Safety Covers

A solid pool cover will keep almost any material or sunlight from entering your pool. Most of them are made of vinyl and can last up to ten years.

Benefits of a Solid Pool Cover

The pros of a solid cover are that they keep all sunlight and debris out of the pool. This blockage of the sun means that there will be no algae growth during the off-season. In addition to making the pool water dirty, algae can also stain the pool surface.

Additionally, debris will also be kept out of the pool. It, therefore, becomes very easy to prepare the pool once the cover has been removed since opening the pool will require far less labor and chemical use. The cost of pool maintenance will also be reduced as a result. Similarly, it will be a much quicker process, which means you can use the pool very soon after opening it.

Disadvantages of a Solid Pool Cover

There are also some downsides to a solid cover. Firstly, since the solid safety cover will carry a lot of weight when it rains or snows, the shape will likely change over time. The cover may sag from the center and get damaged.

Solid safety covers will also require a lot of maintenance. Accumulated rainwater will have to be pumped away, perhaps using an automatic pump. Any snowfall will have to be removed from the cover to prevent damage and accumulation. Furthermore, any dirt, twigs, leaves, and other things will have to be cleared away to keep the area and pool deck neat.

Mesh Pool Safety Covers

Mesh safety covers are usually made of polypropylene and strain anything that might enter the pool. These can also be long-lasting but, in general, will have to be replaced after some years.

Benefits of a Mesh Pool Cover

Pool mesh covers will block most sunlight from entering the pool. Similarly, most are UV resistant and can resist corrosion, rot, and pool chemicals, which could cause damage. In addition, they generally have reinforced seams and padded corners to prevent wear of both the cover and the pool deck.

Mesh covers are also generally cheaper than solid covers and require less maintenance. Similarly, they are lightweight and so are easy to install, remove and store.

With these covers, less maintenance is required during the rainy season and winters since the mesh will filter the rain and snow and let it drain into the pool.

However, some maintenance is required during heavy snowfall, and on occasion, you will need to clean out dirt that has collected on the mesh.

Disadvantages of a Solid Pool Cover

The disadvantage of a mesh cover is that it will still allow some sunlight into the pool, letting some algae grow. In addition, when the pool is opened, more chemicals and labor will be needed.

Mesh covers are designed so that most maintenance needs to be done when you open the pool for the season.  As a result, it could take longer than solid pool covers for the pool to be ready to swim in.

Pool Safety Covers FAQ

What Is the Best Pool Safety Cover?

The best cover for you would depend on how you wish to space out your pool maintenance.

How Much Are Safety Covers for Pools?

On average, a pool cover can cost anywhere from $800 to $3000. Also, a solid cover would be more expensive than a mesh cover.

Is a Mesh or Solid Pool Cover Better?

Depending on how often you want to replace the cover and when you can put in time for maintenance, both covers are good.

What Is an Approved Safety Pool Cover?

The majority of safety covers are tested to ensure their quality and durability. For example, the WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Cover, Fits 18′ x 36′, has been UL classified and fits the ASTM standard.

How Do You Attach a Pool Safety Cover?

You will have to drill into the pool deck hooks and anchors. The safety cover will then be attached to these anchors to secure them.

Most covers come with an instruction guide on how to attach a cover. You can employ a professional to attach the pool safety cover, or you can do it yourself to avoid costs.

Are Pool Safety Covers Worth It?

Pool safety covers are definitely worth the buy in the long run. They keep your loved ones safe and save on the cost of pool maintenance.

They also offer protection in the winters and shield your pool from infiltrations so that your pool is easy to clean and remains safe to use when summer comes.

All in all, investing in a pool safety cover is a smart choice if you want to save some cash, use fewer chemicals and protect your family from poolside mishaps.

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