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Inflatable Pool: Cost-Effective Family Fun in the Sun

Inflatable Pool: Cost-Effective Family Fun in the Sun
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An inflatable pool can be your family’s solution to a fun summer. These pools are generally more affordable than a traditional pool, they can be put away at the end of the season, and if you do things right, you can have them set up in one afternoon.

If you are thinking of putting an inflatable pool in the yard this summer, we have some information about the best inflatable pools for your needs. Making sure that you get the right product and know how to set it up is critical.

Best Inflatable Pools for the Whole Family

Inflatable Pool, MADAXY Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults, 120" X 72" X 22" Oversized Thickened Family Inflatable Pool for Kids,...
heytech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool, 118" X 72" X 22" Full-Sized Inflatable Lounge Pool for Kiddie, Kids, Adult, Toddlers for...
1,262 Reviews
513 Reviews
Inflatable Pool, MADAXY Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults, 120" X 72" X 22" Oversized Thickened Family Inflatable Pool for Kids,...
heytech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool, 118" X 72" X 22" Full-Sized Inflatable Lounge Pool for Kiddie, Kids, Adult, Toddlers for...
Inflatable Pool, MADAXY Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults, 120" X 72" X 22" Oversized Thickened Family Inflatable Pool for Kids,...
1,262 Reviews
Inflatable Pool, MADAXY Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults, 120" X 72" X 22" Oversized Thickened Family Inflatable Pool for Kids,...
heytech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool, 118" X 72" X 22" Full-Sized Inflatable Lounge Pool for Kiddie, Kids, Adult, Toddlers for...
513 Reviews
heytech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool, 118" X 72" X 22" Full-Sized Inflatable Lounge Pool for Kiddie, Kids, Adult, Toddlers for...

There are lots of inflatable pool options for all budgets and family sizes. You will need to decide how much you care about seats, slides, and other fun editions to the pool. Sometimes simply having a fun place to swim is going to be the most important.

1. Inflatable Pool, MADAXY Swimming Pool for Kids

MADAXY Swimming Pool for Kids
1,262 Reviews
MADAXY Swimming Pool for Kids
  • 【Family-size Inflatable Pool】: With 120" X 72" X 22" size,MADAXY swimming pool with 312 gal water capacity can hold up to 2 adults plus 3-5 kids(Age 3+) to enjoy a splashing pool party in the...
  • 【Safe & Durable Retangular Inflatable Pool】: MADAXY swimming pool for kids is made with Phthalate and lead free, Using BPA-free materials that meets the standards of international children’s toys,...
  • 【Quick and Easy to Use】: The family inflatable pool is easy to set up, you just need to simply spread out on the ground level.The inflatable pool can be inflated in 3-4 minutes by electric pump (not...
  • 【Sturdy &Stable Pools for Backyard】: Comes with 3 individual air chamber each with double intake and free flow exhaust valve , the swimming pool for adults can withstand extra weight while preventing...
  • 【Great Gift,Swimming Pool and Ball Pit】:MADAXY inflatable pool is a great gift for your kids, families, pet dogs and friends. They could not only enjoy the hot summer day time with our inflatable pool...
  • Great size
  • Easy to setup
  • Pricing is more than fair

2. EPROSMIN Inflatable Swimming Pool with Air Pump

  • Comes with its own air pump
  • Plenty of room for the whole family
  • Made with thick and durable material

3. Heytech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool, Full-Sized Inflatable Lounge Pool for Kiddie, Kids, Adult

Heytech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool
513 Reviews
Heytech Family Inflatable Swimming Pool
  • Extra Large Size: heytech Inflatable swimming pool is spacious enough for 2 adults and 3-4 kids to enjoy a fun pool party in the summer. This full-size inflatable pool measures 118x72x22 inches and is...
  • Strong & Sturdy: Comes with 3 individual air chambers, it can adjust the height according to your needs. the inflatable kiddie pools can withstand extra weight while preventing air leakage.
  • Durable & Wear-resistant: Made with 0. 4mm thickness PVC material, The inflatable pool is 50% thicker than most in the market, reducing the risk of punctures ensuring a longer life span.
  • Safe & Soft: Made with Naphthalene and Lead Free, BPA-free material. Inflate in 3-4 minute by electric pump (not included), built-in 2 curve water valves double the drainage speed
  • Reliable after-sales service: If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact the store after-sales customer service, we guarantee 3 months after-sales service.
  • Great for both kids and adults
  • Good size pool
  • Individual air chambers

What Is an Inflatable Pool?

An inflatable swimming pool is a backyard pool that you fill with air to capture and contain water. Since the sides of the pool are not made with steel supports, the inflatable pools tend to be much less expensive than some other swimming pool choices on the market.

Most inflatable pools are made to be leak-free. They usually have a drain plug that you can pull at the end of the summer to remove water and put the pool away until the next year. This is a pool that is left out seasonally, not all year round.

Types of Inflatable Pools

It helps to know the different types of inflatable swimming pools that are on the market. Here are a few of the designs that you will be able to choose from when you are searching for these products.

Inflatable Kiddie Pool

Ruigpro Inflatable Pool
2 Reviews
Ruigpro Inflatable Pool
  • 【Multi-Purpose】The pools for backyards are a perfect summer paddling for family, It can not only be used as a swimming pool but also a ball pit, sand pit, fishing pond, toy pool. So a great choice for...
  • 【Double Protection】Pools for kids and adults have been created using 0.4mm thick PVC material, which is 60% thicker than the regular inflatable pools available in the market. It helps in reducing...
  • 【Easy To Inflate & Deflate】Three individual air chambers make the swimming pool easy and secure to inflate and deflate. Each chamber takes 2 minutes to inflate through the electric pump. Vertical...
  • 【Safe & Quality Material】kids pools inflatable made with Naphthalene and Lead-Free, BPA-free material. Environmental-friendly material is very healthy for kids to play.

If your goal is to keep the kids entertained, an inflatable kiddie pool could be a great choice. Kiddie pools are smaller and not nearly as deep as something that is built for adults. Kiddie pool still requires supervision as the children play in the backyard, but most of the time, a child will be able to touch the bottom of the pool the entire time they are playing.

Inflatable Pool for Adults

Inflatable pools for adults are deeper and much wider as well. An inflatable pool for adults allows an adult to be completely cooled off by getting in the pool, although it may still be a bit difficult to swim around in. These inflatable swimming pools are not known for being the largest pools on the market.

Oval Inflatable Pool

Intex Easy Pool Set
8,775 Reviews
Intex Easy Pool Set
  • Includes a 110-120V Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump
  • Pump flow rate: 530 Gph
  • Approximate set-up size: 12ft x 30in
  • Water capacity: 1,485 gallons (80%)

When you choose the type of inflatable pool for your backyard, you will need to make sure that you have ample space. For some backyards, an inflatable pool is a better choice and allows for more movement around the outer edges. Some people find oval pools are a bit more aesthetically pleasing as well.

Rectangle Inflatable Pool

A rectangle inflatable pool is a good choice depending on the space you have in your yard. The nice thing about the shape of these pools is that they will sometimes work on a side yard if you find that you have room for that.

Automatic Inflatable Pool

If you don’t want to be responsible for adding all the air to your swimming pool, then choose an automatic inflatable swimming pool. Simply roll this one out and turn it on, and the air chambers will begin to fill on their own. You may wait a little longer for setup, but some find it to be well worth it.

Inflatable Pool With Slide

The inflatable pool with a slide is a great choice for a kiddie pool or baby pool. Many of these swimming pools are kept with less than a foot of water to make it easier to supervise children as they play. Some come with a splash pad to add even more entertainment to the pool day fun.

Inflatable Pool With Filter

Summer Waves Above Ground Pool with Filter Pump
447 Reviews
Summer Waves Above Ground Pool with Filter Pump
  • PERFECT SIZE: Round shape measures 8 feet in diameter and 2.5 feet deep
  • INCLUDES: RX300 filter pump with GFCI; Replacement filter cartridge; Pool liner
  • EASY SET-UP: Rapid installation allows you to set this pool up in minutes
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Durable triple layer polylaminate PVC with polyester inner mesh sidewalls; Convenient, quick release drain plug with garden hose connection

One of the things you will learn about a backyard pool is that it must be cleaned just like any other pool. Purchasing an option that has the filter and pump along with it will help ensure that your backyard experience is both fun and clean. If you know you will have lots of different people swimming in the backyard pool, find something with a great filter.

Inflatable Pool With Seats

Elegant Family Pool with Seats and Backrests
2,014 Reviews
Elegant Family Pool with Seats and Backrests
  • 2 air-cushioned backrests and comfortable seats for extra comfort 2-in-1 valve for easy inflation/deflation
  • Made with durable & puncture-resistant materials Includes drain plug for easy drainage of water
  • Deflated Size:117" x 107" Inflated size:120" x 110" x 18" (26"H with backrest)
  • Includes repair patch

Having seats in your inflatable pool could be the perfect solution for the whole family. Think about getting to watch the little ones play from the comfort of your individual pool chair. The design of the inflatable swimming pool will vary from brand to brand. Pick something that has all the features that you need.

Inflatable Pool With Canopy

Inflatable Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults with Canopy
4,132 Reviews
Inflatable Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults with Canopy
  • ★【Upgrade Removable Sun Protection Canopy】 Inflatable swimming pool come with a breathable and removable UPF50+ sun canopy to protects skin away from sun and simple to use and disassemble. Giant blow...
  • ★【Large Inflatable Swimming Pool for Family】Enjoy fun full-sized summer swimming pools water party for outside and home! 95 X 56 inches inflatable swimming pool in size and 22 inches deep with 162...
  • ★【One Swimming Inflatable Pool, Multiple Fun Uses】 Kiddie large inflatable swimming pool will bring joyful summer family gatherings. It is not only an outdoor backyard inflatable swimming pool, but...
  • ★【Strong and Stable Structure】Rectangle Inflatable swimming pool with 3 individual air chambers each with double intake and free flow exhaust valve, which can withstand weight while preventing air or...

Keeping your inflatable pool in the sun is a smart idea as you won’t want to deal with leaves and debris from shady trees falling in the pool. However, putting young kids out in the sun all day can be a problem. If you want the perfect backyard play center, look for a pool with a canopy. This way, you get some sun protection and entertainment all wrapped up into one option.

Inflatable Lounge Pool

Inflatable FAmily Lounge Pool
7,380 Reviews
Inflatable FAmily Lounge Pool
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • 90" X 86" X 31" H inflated; 13ga vinyl; Parents get comfy on the building bench while the little ones enjoy the water
  • 2 air chambers each with combo; Capacity 12.5" wall height: 169gal
  • Drain plug; Repair patch

If your main concern for a swimming pool is lounging as opposed to swimming, then you should look for options called lounge pools. These typically have a large bench for sitting and sometimes even headrests and cup holders. The options are unlimited; consider the amount of time you want to spend swimming instead of just being in the water.

How to Blow Up & Set Up an Inflatable Pool

Now that you have an idea of some of the brands and design options on the market, it’s a good idea to know what to do when you get your best inflatable pool. For the pools that are self-inflating, you don’t need to worry about the blowing up of the pool. However, for all others, this is an important section to read.

Step 1: Prepare the Area

You have to make sure that you install your pool on level ground. Ensure that you know the exact dimensions of your pool and map out the site so that you know exactly where it will go in your yard. Most of the time, the best ground cover is a tarp that you will put down under the pool. Sometimes this comes with the pool you choose; other times, you will have to order one in the correct size.

Step 2: Lay Everything Flat

Do not start inflating until you have everything laying flat and the equipment is all out of the box and put to the side. Many pool owners get anxious and rip the pool out of the box and start filling it. Laying the pool flat in the area where you are going to place it is a better solution.

Step 3: Inflate the Top Ring

You will want to take a look at your pool and see if it has a top ring. This is how many of the inflatable pools are built. You will inflate the top ring first, and then the rest of the pool will rise up as the water is added. Some pools are different and just have air chambers around all the sides. It would help if you filled these evenly with an electric air pump being certain not to overinflate.

If your pool has support beams for the sides, you will want to install these before inflating. However, only a few designs of the inflatable swimming pools are designed for heavy use and come with support beams. Most of these are more for kids’ water or ball pit fun.

Step 4: Add Water

Once you have the top ring or the sides completed, you can add water. If your pool comes with a filter or pump, now is also the time to set up those features. It’s important never to run a pump while there is no water in the pool. Even though the installation may happen before you fill the pool, never run it dry.

What Should You Put Under an Inflatable Pool?

The best solution for putting under an inflatable pool is a tarp. The tarp will likely stick out of the sides of the pool a bit, and this is a good place for people to leave their pool gear without having to set it on their lawn. Most of the time, there is no deck built around an inflatable pool, so the tarp works to keep the pool on level ground and keep people’s things organized.

Can You Heat an Inflatable Pool?

One of the best ways to heat an inflatable pool is to use a small solar heater. The great thing about the size of this pool is that it can heat up quickly if you use the right products. Find something small and effective and let your pool water warm up much quicker. In addition, since this is a smaller pool in size, you should only have to leave it in the warm air for a few days to get much better heat.

Can You Blow Up an Inflatable Pool Without an Air Pump?

You are going to need some type of air pump to blow up most inflatable pools. If, of course, you are considering filling up a baby pool or small kids pool, chances are you can inflate them on your own. Your air pump does not need to be electric if you don’t want to spend the money. A hand pump will work quite well.

How to Keep Inflatable Pool Water Clean

Depending on the size of your inflatable pool, the cleaning project is going to vary quite a bit. For many smaller inflatable swimming pools, dumping the water and refilling it seems to be the best choice. However, if your pool is a little larger, this is not a good solution for the yard or the environment.

One way to ensure the water is clean is to add some liquid bleach or chlorine to the water. Since the pool is small in size, make sure you add just a small amount of chlorine. You can always purchase a pool test kit to ensure things are in range.

Larger swimming pools will have a filter and a pump that can be used to keep the water clean. Always have people rinse their feet before getting in the pool so that you can keep the bottom clean as well. It’s smart to have a pool skimmer to use to get bugs out of the water as well.

How Long Can You Leave Water in an Inflatable Pool?

Leaving water in an untreated swimming pool for more than 48 hours can cause it to start growing bacteria and algae. This is when the water becomes unsafe for you to swim. If you are treating the water with chlorine, then you can probably leave the water in for about two to three weeks at a time without having to empty the pool.

How to Get Water Out of an Inflatable Pool

The best inflatable swimming pools are going to come with a drain plug. Although the drain plug isn’t always easy to pull out, you will be able to use this to start getting the water out of the pool and disassembling your backyard water park.

Inflatable Pool Troubleshooting

Unfortunately, just like any other pool option or the items that are associated with it, some issues can come up from not properly taking care of your pool. If you find that you are having issues with your inflatable pool, here are the things that you need to know and understand.

How to Find a Leak in & Patch an Inflatable Pool

If you think your pool may have a leak, you are going to need to find it to determine if it can be patched. Two common ways to look for the leak are to use dish soap or plastic wrap. Simply put a bit of dish soap on your hand and put it on the area where you believe the leak is; if the leak is there, the soap will start to bubble up.

The same goes for the plastic wrap; once you lay the wrap on the pool rim, you will notice that the area where the plastic wrap starts to bubble is where the leak is.

Once you have found the leak, you can then use a repair patch to close the hole and see if your pool will not properly hold water. The prices for the repair patches are well worth it if you can save your entire pool.

How to Fix Inflatable Pool Ring Problems

Some of the larger inflatable swimming pools have a large inflatable pool ring around the top. The ring is what keeps the pool functioning, and without this ring working properly, you will find that you may have issues with the pool’s functionality.

The great thing about inflatable pool ring problems is that they are relatively easy to fix. All you will need is a vinyl repair patch. The ring is also located around the top edge of the pool. Therefore it is quite easy to get to and will allow you to ensure the fix is complete before filling the pool back up.

How to Clean an Inflatable Pool

The walls of the inflatable pool will need to be cleaned with a very soft brush and some cleaning solution, usually a bleach of some sort. The cleaning solution helps to kill any bacteria or algae that may have started to grow.

If you have an inflatable swimming pool with no pump or filter, it is essential to ensure that this is done frequently. When water is not moving through the pool regularly, bacteria will grow quickly.

Best Inflatable Pools for the Family: Recap

 Inflatable swimming pools can provide plenty of hours of fun for kids and adults alike. It’s an even easier decision to buy one now that you know how to clean and maintain an inflatable pool. Taking care of an inflatable swimming pool can be quite a bit less work than dealing with a full-size above-ground or in-ground pool. This is a great way to test how often your family will use a pool to decide if it is the right decision for your home.

Always ensure that you are putting your pool on level ground and carefully treating the water in your pool to avoid issues with bacteria and algae long term. Having an inflatable pool can entirely change your summer; get one today.

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