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What Are the Best Hot Tub Accessories for Your Spa?

What Are the Best Hot Tub Accessories for Your Spa?
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Soaking in a warm hot tub feels like a mini-vacation. The soothing bubbles let you hydrate and unwind under the shining stars to relax your tired muscles.

The pulsating water relieves aching joints by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammations as you sit in the tub. A nightly soak makes for restful and peaceful sleep to let you wake up fresh and invigorated.

Besides the health and mental benefits, spending time in a home spa tub is a great way to bond with family and friends. Kitting your spa with useful hot tub accessories supercharges this experience while maximizing the benefits.

Dig in as we explore some of the best ways to accessorize hot tubs and tailor the experience to meet your specific needs.

Why Buy Hot Tub Accessories?

A stock spa may help you relax, but it falls short on the luxurious front. A careful choice of spa accessories for hot tub turns each soaking session into a luxurious hot tub experience catering to your unique needs. These gadgets make it easier and convenient to use your home spa, extend its lifespan, and increase the ROI. 

Functional Hot Tub Accessories 

Advanced Water Care Products

ChlorMaker Salt Water Hot Tub and Spa Chlorine Generator
  • CONVERT ANY SPA TO SALTWATER – The ChlorMaker spa chlorinator produces chlorine using a small amount of ordinary salt (sodium chloride) dissolved in water, making it the ideal solution for spas, cold...
  • GENTLE ON EYES AND SKIN – The electrolysis process produces chlorine from salt, which naturally softens water for spas. The soft, gentle feel makes the ChlorMaker a better choice for those with sensitive...
  • SIMPLIFIES SPA MAINTENANCE – The self-cleaning reverse polarity system reduces time spent worrying about maintenance, giving you more time to relax and enjoy the clean water. ChlorMaker features 10...
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE – The ChlorMaker plug-and-play system does not require any plumbing or mechanical alterations. The spa chlorinator generates chlorine directly from the electrode when dropped into...
  • MADE IN THE USA – All ControlOMatic products are made in the USA and come with a 1-year warranty. The package includes a ChlorMaker Control Box, ChlorMaker Electrode, 5.5 VDC Power Supply with 110-240...

Traditionally, keeping a spa clean required hands-on maintenance to keep the water clean, clear, and sanitized. Regular addition of chemical purifiers such as chlorine and pH balancers were the norm, but not anymore. 

Hot tub saltwater systems generate the sanitizer needed to clean the spa automatically, making water care more hands-free while eliminating the use of harsh chemicals. You get to keep the hot tub clean and improve water chemistry without breaking a sweat.

Power Lid Lifters

SpaEast Hot Tub Cover Lift
210 Reviews
SpaEast Hot Tub Cover Lift
  • Does not require drilling into your hot tub
  • Under-spa plates are held securely in place by the weight of the spa (plates measure 8.75x8.75")
  • When folded down, the cover stores neatly on the side of spa to provide a full view
  • Depending on the spa setup the cover may require the spa to be emptied and lifted to install
  • Heavy Duty Steel Zinc-Plated and Powder Coated Finish

Wrestling a 30-pound hot tub cover into place before and after each session can take off the edge of the hot tub experience. Or limit your ability to use the spa unaided if you have a physical limitation. Getting a power lid lifter solves this problem and keeps you from throwing your back.

A cover lifter transforms removing and replacing a spa cover into an effortless one-handed operation. The lifter also keeps the cover from resting on the deck or patio, where it can sustain damage. The best power lid lifters come with a locking system for added security.

Towel Rack

Adjustable Pool & Patio Towel Holder
  • THREE 24 INCH ADJUSTABLE TOWEL BARS - Enjoy an easy, accessible place to store your beach and pool towels with this outdoor towel storage for your summer fun needs
  • EASY CLIPS TO SECURE THE TOWELS - Clips are located on the ends of each of the towel drying rack to keep towels securely in place. Evenly place towels for best balance

Nothing ruins a soothing warm soak than stepping out only to be assaulted by a blast of chilled air. Stave off the chilly breeze by keeping warm fuzzy spa towels handy. A freestanding outdoor hot tub towel rack extends the soothing soaking experience beyond the spa. Ideally, you should settle for a rack with an accessory tray for your cellphone, drinks, misting creams, and more.

Hot Tub Covers

ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover
  • General to fit hot tub size up to 90”(L)x 90”(W). NOTE: This cover can not be used by itself without an insulated hard cover under it.
  • Made of 600D polyester canvas complex with waterproof backing. Tough enough to keep rain, hail, snow, dust, leaves and bird droppings away.

A hot tub cover protects your spa’s crown jewels – spa jets and other electrical components – from the elements, pollutants, debris, and animals. Covers lock in the heat and prevent evaporation while keeping off the rain and freezing snow during winter. High-quality covers have excellent insulation capacity to converse heat and lower your utility bills. They also help to keep hot tubs clean and sanitary.


WINGKIND Hot Tub Cover Latch Repair Kit - Pack of 4
  • Package includes : 4 latches , 4 slides, 4 keys and 12 self-tapping screws (made of stainless steel 304)
  • If your latch is broken, please use it to Replace missing or broken cover latches.
  • 25MM webbing - Suitable for 25 MM (1 inch ) webbing. No Webbing Included.

Quality hot tub covers come with a locking strap to secure them atop the spa. Securing the cover with locks protects the tub against unauthorized use and protects your children and pets. Most locks use a latch, but you can opt for one that’s key-operated for added security. Or you can opt for a spa cover locking bar that’s secured with a padlock.

Remote Controls and Monitoring

WiFi Smart Floating Thermometer with Remote Monitoring and Alerts
  • Includes display console and 1 floating thermometer
  • Receiver supports up to 10 separate sources (mix & match from WS-12-ANEMOMETER, WS-12-RAIN, F007TH, F007PF, F007TP, FT012TH)
  • Send real time data to AmbientWeather and WeatherUnderground
  • Compatible with IFTTT, Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, Home Assistant and more
  • Console includes power adapter; thermometer requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)

A remote monitoring system is priceless when you need to monitor your home spa from a distance. Syncing the tub with a mobile app gives you complete control, and you can monitor its health and performance from miles away. Swipe and tap to get the tub warm and toasty while en route to work. Remote monitoring also assists with repair and servicing by sending your routine updates.


Swiveling Handrail and Towel Bar
  • Perfectly shaped to hold a towel
  • Provides users with safe entry and exit when using the spa, convenient towel bar keeps your towel dry and in reach
  • Power-coated rust free construction

Handrails provide cushy assistance when entering and exiting the tub. They’re convenient if one has mobility issues or simply wishes to enhance safety. Handrails are easy to install as they anchor on or underneath the tub’s cabinet. Quality handrails swivel and lock in place for extra stability. Safely enjoy your spa at night by picking handrails with battery-powered LED lights.

Hot Tub Steps

Home spas are all about class and style. Each soaking session calls for a graceful entry and exit strategy. Spa steps eliminate any clumsiness when using the tub. They’re also ideal for people with limited mobility. Quality steps are water and slip-resistant to improve safety and eliminate slips and falls. Spa steps are also hardwearing and will withstand exposure to inclement weather for years.

Non-Slip Adhesive

Heavy Duty Waterproof Anti-Slip Grip Tape for Stairs
  • Professional grade anti slip adhesive tape: Durable waterproof anti skid tape for steps is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. We use premium heavy duty 80 grit tape which creates the ideal texture to...

A luxury spa has no room for slip and fall accidents. While some tubs come with rubberized steps, it’s best to be overcautious. Fiberglass tubs tend to get slippery when wet. Placing non-slip adhesive strips on the steps ensures surefootedness.


Gorilla Grip Comfort Slip-Resistant Soft Waterproof Relaxing Pillow
  • LUXURIOUS COMFORT AND MAXIMUM SUPPORT: the luxurious and soft bath pillow and head rest features 2 inches of thick plush foam that provides maximum comfort and support to your tired head, shoulders, neck,...
  • 7 STRONG SUCTION CUPS: this pillow stays in place while you lounge; seven strong suction cups help secure the pillow to smooth the clean tub so you can spend more time relaxing and less time adjusting; to...

Spa pillows gently cradle and support your head and neck as the hot water jets work their magic to strip away the stress and soreness from your body. Quality cushions are soft and come with suction cups that can attach to anything to maximize comfort and support as you sit in the tub. Other pillows are designed to drape over the edge for ease of placement.


10 Foot Patio Offset Umbrella
  • LARGER SIZE, PERFECT SHADING - 10ft patio offset umbrella is perfect for hanging over outdoor dining tables and more patio furniture sets. A hand-crank lift allows you to adjust the shade and block the sun...
  • EXPERT UV PROTECTION & WATER RESISTANCE - FRUITEAM outdoor umbrella is made of 220g/sqm polyester with premium PU and UV coating, double-coated thicken fabric reaches AATCC standard UPF 50+, providing 95%...
  • EASY OPERATION, DUAL-PURPOSE VENT - The smooth crank lift is easy to open or close FRUITEAM patio umbrella canopy in a few seconds. An air-vent canopy help wind and heat ventilation, make cantilever...

Don’t let the elements get in the way of your luxury experience. A tub umbrella enables you to cozy up in your tub regardless of the weather. It hangs daintily over the tub, keeping away the sun, rain, and winter snow to let you enjoy the spa all year. Need a more permanent solution? A gazebo enhances privacy, protects against gusty breezes, provides shade, and improves curb appeal. 

Privacy Screen

Artificial Ivy Privacy Fence Screen
  • Realistic green Ivy look: Artificial ivy leaves are natural looking to provide every indoor or outdoor space a blooming, earthy feel without the need for watering,Use zip ties or tape to install, it can be...
  • Functional: Decorate your home while ensuring privacy from the outside world by strategically placing the fence in areas that may be exposed, Artificial Leaf Privacy Decor is intended for both interior and...

Like to bathe in your birthday suit or simply crave additional privacy? Don’t get into trouble with the neighbors or the authorities. A privacy screen guarantees all the privacy you’ll ever need by keeping away the prying eyes. Some privacy screens are moveable, while others offer a more permanent solution.


Wood Plastic Composite Patio Deck Tiles
  • 【COMPREHENSIVE USAGE】PANDAHOME offers quality composite products to enhance your living experience. Genuine wood-plastic composite finish, greater for indoor & outdoor application than natural wood. It...
  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】All of our products feature unique technology, protects the materials from rotting, fading, staining, scratching and various other issues associated with traditional wood decking. The...

Need a permanent yet custom privacy solution for your home spa or yard? Installing a deck around your spa gets you that and more. You can spruce up the entire backyard with stylish outdoor furniture and plants while creating a warm and cozy environment for your family. The style and design of a patio vary based on the size of your backyard and its orientation.


50 Foot Grey Fence Privacy Screen
  • Fence Privacy Screen fits perfectly on 5 ft fence, actual height is 4' 9", cable zip ties are included for installation.
  • Enhanced black bindings and copper grommets on every corner make for durable edges. We've reinforced the stitching and strategically placed grommets every 1 ft vertically, 2 ft horizontally.
  • Our Fence Privacy Screen provides 90% blockage for privacy while allowing water and airflow. Crafted from knitted virgin HDPE material.

It’s not above kids, pets, or inebriated guests to wander off into the tub area unsupervised. Installing a fence or a gate limits unauthorized access to improve safety and avoid ugly incidents. Gates and fences come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. Pick one that suits your style and complements your deck, patio, and backyard. You can also hang a sign with warnings and instructions.

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Entertainment Hot Tub Accessories

Spas are synonymous with therapy and relaxation, but that shouldn’t preclude fun. Most models ship with a basic entertainment system, which frankly, could use an upgrade. Why settle for a standard experience while you can ramp up the sound and audio system in your backyard spa?

Bluetooth Connectivity

High Performance Outdoor Speakers with Powerful Bass
  • Designed to live indoors & outdoors – your studio quality speakers can be mounted/placed in any open space, by the pool, under your patio, in the garage, on a bookshelf; regardless of placement they will...
  • Digitally optimized for expansive dispersion & powerful bass – the synchronized harmony of your 3-Way Component Speakers & 4-inch Woofer create a state of accurate acoustic dispersion with deep rich...

Bluetooth connectivity integrates your spa with your home’s entertainment system. Have a carefully curated playlist? Tap and swipe and have the music play in the background. The tub’s control puts everything within your fingertips as you listen to your favorite show, music, podcasts, or audiobook.

Sound Systems

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers with Colorful Lights
  • 【IPX7 Waterproof Floating &Rugged】① IPX7 highest rating wireless bluetooth speakers can immersion up to 3 feet for 30 minutes underwater. Good as Splashproof, Rainproof shower speaker, a waterproof...

In backyard spas, the gold standard is a rich, immersive audio experience in stereo surround through powerful wireless speakers. You can simply float away into paradise as you sip your wine or catch the golden rays of sunset. Quality hot tub speakers are waterproof and submersible in water.

TV Monitors

SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED The Terrace Outdoor TV - 4K UHD Smart TV
  • HANDPICKED BY AMAZON: They did the research so you don’t have to.
  • HANDPICKED BY AMAZON: They did the research so you don’t have to.
  • OUTDOOR OPTIMIZED PICTURE : High quality 4K QLED engineered to look vivid and bright daylight.-RESISTANT RATED : Resistant to extreme and is best in class IP55 weather resistant durability against water...
  • WEATHER-RESISTANT RATED : Resistant to extreme and is best in class IP55 weather resistant durability against water and dust.

Why not have the best of both worlds and watch your fav shows while soaking in the hot tub? Don’t make any compromises or dilemmas by having both. Is the tub out in the open? Mount the screen on a mobile base and slap a weatherproof TV cover on it. Wall brackets are ideal for spas in a covered deck.


Floating Card Table Tray
  • Bring the poker game party to your pool or game room with the Polar Whale Floating Poker table. 1 premium foam poker table (playing cards NOT included).
  • Large floating durable foam table has enough settings for up to 4 players, with several compartments for drinks, snacks and poker chips. Table works great indoors or outdoors, in the game room, on the...
  • Beautiful extra thick, dense and durable foam tray is UV-protected from sunlight, with exceptional appearance and performance in any pool!

Games and toys enhance the spa experience for the little ones. Popular hot tub toys include basketball hoops, floating noodles, ping pong, and more. Hot tub games appeal to the competitive streak to supercharge to experience. There are hundreds of hot tub game ideas and activities to pick from for both kids and adults. Keep a deck of waterproof playing cards handy for a laidback, laughter-filled session.


Inflatable Bar Tray for Drinks and Snacks
373 Reviews
Inflatable Bar Tray for Drinks and Snacks
  • Can be used for a variety of cans, bottles and food items.

Sipping a cool drink as you soak is the perfect way to relax and lift your mood. Unless you run out of drinks and need to trek to the kitchen for a refill, save yourself a trip with an inflatable hot tub bar counter. Simply inflate the bar tray and let it float in the spa, or pick one that attaches to the side. The tray is specially designed to hold ample snacks, drinks, and ice to keep the party going.

Cup Holders

Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray
  • 27-in. x 19-in. tray.
  • Swings in or out of the spa.
  • Made of reinforced, weather-resistant plastic.
  • Equipped with a stainless steel upright post.
  • Mounts on virtually any spa.

A spa is no place to be downing drinks quickly because you have no place to set them down. A hot tub drink holder lets you sip and savor your drinks. You can use inflatable cupholders that float on the water or fix them to the sidewalls.

Other Hot Tub Accessories

You can customize your hot tub experience to address some specific issues and concerns. Looking to use your downtime to exercise? Meditate? There are spa gadgets to meet even the most unique needs. 

Exercise Equipment

6 Piece Fitness Set for Water Aerobics
3,201 Reviews
6 Piece Fitness Set for Water Aerobics
  • Aquatic Exercise Equipment: Six-Piece Set For A Low-Impact Workout; Includes Adult Swim Belt For 20-60 Inch Waist With Adjustable Strap And Buckle, Dumbbells, Resistance Gloves, And Manual
  • Supportive Floatation Belt: Belt Made Of Soft Foam Provides “Neutral Buoyancy” Around Your Torso, And Is Optimized For Balance And Safety In Shallow Or Deep Water; Designed For Less Irritation With...
  • Low-Impact Exercise: Challenge Yourself With Fun, Low-Impact Pool Exercise To Alleviate Stress On Your Joints; Swim Belt Is Great For Cross-Training, Rehabilitative Water Exercises, And Water...

Water therapy at home? Yes, please. Incorporating stretching and flexibility exercises into your spa session doubles the benefits. The warm water keeps your muscles supple while minimizing the impact on your joints. It’s a perfect way to rehabilitate your body after an injury or surgery. 

Resistance bands, dumbells, and poll noodles are great choices. Be sure to check with your doctor before implementing an exercise routine in the home spa.


12ct Spa and Bath Aromatherapy
  • 12 ea. Assorted 1/2 oz. Pillow Packs
  • Masks Chemical Odors, Will not affect PH, Does not Foam or Bubble
  • Water Soluble, Contains No Oils and leaves no Oily Residue
  • Does not Change Water Chemistry
  • Safe for all Acrylics, Jets, Pumps and Filters

A hint of jasmine? Lavender? Potpourri perhaps to set the mood? Aromatherapy oil confers a myriad of benefits, including relaxation, healing, and pain relief. Quality spa aromatherapy oils deliver all the benefits without residuals that could ruin water quality or change its chemistry.


Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees - 5ft Tall (Set of 2)
2,600 Reviews
Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees - 5ft Tall (Set of 2)
  • ALL YEAR ROUND DECOR: Carefully crafted to mimic the appearance of a real-life areca palm,looking as close to reality as possible, perfect for any room or office decor,this artificial palm tree will let...
  • FREE MAINTENANCE: Always forget watering your lovely plant? Tired of dead plants?Try this! Impossible to kill artificial yellow palm. No need to water it daily or to offer special attention.
  • STURDY AND ADJUSTABLE:Our Dypsis lutescens outfitted with sturdy inner metal wires, you can adjust the trunk to the shape you like, without worrying that the trunk will break. This artificial plant will...

From succulents to devil’s ivy to tall Thuja and palm trees, you can add a burst of color to your spa area. Potted plants are easy to care for and move around. Set them in different arrangements for a novel soaking experience every so often. Careful choice of plants can also enhance privacy around the home spas.


3 x 13.5 Oz 3-Wick Citronella Candles
  • HHI scented candles are made from eco-friendly soy wax and contain no paraffin. The candles are frosted glass and all-natural bamboo creating perfect relaxation candles.
  • HHI Candles have a cotton wick and are made with the highest quality fragrances to give you a constant smell. We have the best soy candle to provide a smooth, clean calm candle burn.
  • All HHI Candles come boxed in a picture-perfect gift box. Just add a ribbon or gift wrap to make the perfect candle gift.

Calm down to the sweet smell of a scented candle and feel your stress melt away after a hard day at the office. Turn off the lights and enjoy candlelit moments with your loved one. Scented candles add a dreamy, calming scent to your home spa to lift your spirits.

Floating Caddy

Inflatable Floating Drink Holder with 9 Holes Large Capacity & Transparent Material
  • 【Large Capacity】The floating cup holder has 9 storage holes, that is suitable for drinks, snacks, mobile phones, music players, and even iPad, providing you with maximum convenience without going...
  • 【High-Quality Materials】The carefully selected high-quality 0.6mm thick anti-static materials provide you with a great comfortable touch. With study and durable design, you can enjoy the pool party...
  • 【Fast Inflation】Feebria places a high priority on the convenience of the use of the pool drink holder. You can use the hair dryer to quickly and easily inflate the float cup holder and start the...

Why not keep everything you need in the tub with you? A floating caddy keeps everything handy – drinks, snacks, cellphones, glasses. Keep the phones in a waterproof case, and you can call, text, or change the playlist without leaving the tub? Like to read? A floating caddy will hold your book or kindle for your reading comfort.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor String Lights Commercial Grade Weatherproof Strand Edison Vintage Bulbs
  • Including 18 Edison Bulbs: Each strand contains 15 hanging sockets, provided with 18pcs S14 incandescent glass bulbs . The distance between bulbs is approximately 3.11FT. This Heavy-duty light is bright...
  • Weatherproof & Heavy-duty: This outdoor string lights are UL listed weatherproof commercial. The insulation material can protect the strand from hot winter, sun, wind, rain, snow and damp. Flexible...

Enhance the atmosphere around your home spa with tasteful exterior lighting. Use submersible LED lights inside the tub and outdoor lights to create a unique welcoming ambiance. Keep it low-cost with solar lights or hang hot tub decorative accessories and lights on trees to create a celestial atmosphere around the tub. Lighting the area around the spa keeps your guests from tumbling in the dark.

Choosing the Best Hot Tub Accessories for Your Spa


Safety is a primary consideration when owning a hot tub. Accidents and life-threatening injuries can mar the hot tub ownership experience. Establish the vulnerable areas around your spa and pick the gadgets that can bolster safety and security. From lockable spa covers to cover lifts to signage to gates and fencing, handrails, and lighting, you get to keep everyone safe.

Convenience and Usability

Hot tubs are creature comfort that improves the quality of life. The right accessories for a spa help improve comfort and usability. There are numerous gadgets to help you improve privacy, comfort, and usability. Customize your spa to meet your specific needs, from privacy screens to decking with in-built seating to spa seats and cushions.


Soaking in a hot tub should be therapeutic, but that means different things to different people. Consider the typical tub users in your household and pick the gadgets that cater to their needs. Children may want to have fun, while adults may wish to have a place geared more towards relaxing. The elderly may use a hot tub to address health issues and keep fit. Stock up on jacuzzi accessories that help each member of your household achieve their goals.

Water Care and Maintenance

Dirt and debris can damage your hot tub and accessories and shorten the unit’s lifespan. Innovative technology takes the stress out of home spa maintenance. It improves care and maintenance by sending alerts when the unit needs servicing. Careful choice of maintenance gadgets and a proper care regiment make maintenance a breeze. It allows you to keep the water at the appropriate alkalinity and pH levels and prevent skin problems.

Hot Tub Accessories FAQ

What Accessories Do I Need for a Hot Tub?

The accessories you need largely depend on your specific needs and tastes. Spa covers, cover lifters and locks, handrails, steps, privacy screens, pillows, and cushions are some practical and functional gadgets for a hot tub. Cool accessories for the hot tub include floating drink holders, blue tooth connectivity, TV screens, and a bar.

How Can I Make My Hot Tub More Fun?

Hot tub and spa accessories such as cup holders, floating caddy, toys, and games will make your spa more fun. Pick any of the popular hot tub games and make the sessions more interactive.

Can You Put a Pool Float in a Hot Tub?

You can put a pool float in a hot tub and enjoy the summer sun if you don’t have an inground pool. Switch the hot tub mode to Economy or turn down the water temperature. Be sure to turn off the jets and float diagonally across the tub.

What Should You Not Do in a Hot Tub?

There are plenty of things you shouldn’t do in a jacuzzi including:

-Consume alcohol and other drugs.
-Use the tub if you have a rash or an open sore.
-Use a bubble bath.
-Leave children unsupervised or let them stay for more than 20 minutes.
-Exceed a hot tub’s bather load.
-Put your head underwater as hair and jewelry might get trapped in an outlet.

The Bottom Line

Careful choice of hot tub gadgets improves home spa safety and security while making each soaking session fun and exciting. They also safeguard your investment to let you enjoy your home spa for many years to come.

Hopefully, this article helped you pick out some cool hot tub accessories!

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