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12 Crucial Benefits of a Hot Tub

12 Crucial Benefits of a Hot Tub
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Wondering about the benefits of a hot tub? There always seems to be a debate among hot tub lovers and hot tub haters. Are hot tubs good for you? The answer is yes. There are a large number of benefits to having a hot tub. 

In addition to the hot tub being a fun place to relax, relieve stress, and spend time with family, there are some really great health benefits to owning and using a hot tub. We have put together twelve of the most essential benefits of hot tub usage, and we are happy to share them with you today. 

The Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

Owning a hot tub isn’t always for enjoyment. Many find ways for their outdoor spa to be used for therapeutic reasons. Some determine the best hot tubs by seating capacity, how much spa maintenance is required, control system, filtration system requirements or whether it’s energy efficient or not.

Hot Tub Benefits

1. Relief of Lower Back Pain

Millions of people suffer from lower back pain. Whether you have been working a career in construction or back pain runs in your family, you know how debilitating back pain can be. The hot tub uses warm water therapy and water circulation to help loosen your lower back muscles. 

You will notice that the jacuzzi tub has spa jets that can be moved to help you focus on the areas that cause you the most discomfort. Say goodbye to your aches and pains!

2. Sleep Better

Did you know that one of the best ways to fall asleep is to raise your body temperature and then lower it? This is exactly what the hot tub can do for you. As you probably know, sitting in the hot tub will raise your body temperature. 

There are approximately 132 million Americans who suffer from a sleep disorder. Studies show that using a whirlpool spa or jacuzzi hot tub regularly has been proven to help treat some of these disorders. 

If you spend some time in the spa about two hours before bedtime, you should fall asleep rather quickly when you are ready for bed. If you are one of those people that tosses and turns for hours before bed, this is one of those benefits of hot tub ownership that you will enjoy. 

3. Post Workout Relief

Putting in hours at the gym can result in some after workout pain. If you did one too many squats yesterday and you feel like your body needs a break, the hot tub is a great place to relax for a while. A hot tub will help to soothe any muscle pain and also help them to recover from the workout at a much faster rate. 

Heat increases blood flow, and hot tub jets act as a soothing massage. Hot tub health benefits post workout in so many ways. 

4. Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety

This is probably our favorite reason for hot tub ownership. Who out there has no stress or anxiety in their lives? Stress and anxiety are things that are hard to escape entirely; the only thing you can do is learn to manage them. 

With a hot tub, you will notice an instant relief of stress as soon as you step in. The combination of the warm water, the bubbles, and jets are one of the most relaxing feelings that you can experience. If you can learn to do some breathing and meditation type exercises while soaking, you may never want to get out of the tub! 

5. Ease Arthritis Pain

If you suffer from arthritis pain, you know all too well what these swollen joints can feel like at the end of the day. The use of hydrotherapy and hydromassage has stemmed a backyard hydro obsession for many.

Some methods are being used to introduce swim spa therapy to those suffering from arthritis. The use of hot tubs and spas as a viable treatment for sore muscles and arthritis pain continues to gain popularity for good reason because the results are quite impressive. Many find that the rejuvenating warmth makes for the perfect spa experience and provides much needed aquatic therapy.

It seems as though the continued use of a hot tub for those with arthritis is offering a significant decrease in overall pain and better joint movement as well. People living with Arthritis know that there are very few things that can take the pain of arthritis away. Purchasing a hot tub could be a brilliant investment for your home. 

6. Move Better

Would you like to be more flexible? How about getting up out of a chair and not having to grab at your back or your leg. Wouldn’t those things be nice? Regardless of your age, a hot tub can help you move better and have an increase in range of motion as well. 

One of the many benefits of hot tub ownership is that you can have both an indoor hot tub and or an outdoor hot tub. If you are always feeling stiff in the winter or the mornings are a difficult time for you, try soaking in the hot tub for a little while. You may find that the warm temperatures are all you need to get you warmed up for a much more limber day. 

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7. Lower Blood Pressure

Some people with heart issues are told to check with a doctor before getting in a hot tub spa. There could be some temperature settings that make more sense for those with these types of health issues. However, if you get the go-ahead from your doctor, you will likely find that another one of a hot tub’s health benefits is that it can lower your blood pressure. 

For some people, blood pressure is tied to stress and anxiety as well. Since the hot tub certainly helps when it comes to relaxation, it is also known for doing great things to lower blood pressure. For those that can effectively manage to lower their blood pressure with a hot tub, it certainly beats taking medication. 

8. Improved Circulation

When the water in a hot tub starts to warm up, so will your blood vessels. As those blood vessels get warmer, it is much easier for them to circulate the blood through your entire body. With increased circulation, each and every part of your system is going to get the nutrients that it needs. 

It is hard to achieve this improvement in circulation without doing something like a soak in a soothing warm hot tub. Most people will benefit greatly and feel healthier when their circulation is improved. 

9. Lose A Few Pounds

Looking for an easy way to melt away a few extra pounds, the hot tub could do the trick. Studies have found that the more time spent in the hot tub will actually help you lose weight. Because of the spa hot tub’s temperature, you will burn some extra calories while you soak in the tub. Hard to complain about that kind of workout! 

Suppose you want to increase the productiveness of this weight loss, use that time in the hot tub to get your body warmed up and limber and then head to the gym or out for a run. When your muscles are more relaxed and lose, you may have an easier time getting into a workout routine. 

10. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

If you are a diabetic, then a hot tub should probably go on your wish list as soon as possible. Many diabetic individuals have found that spending time in the hot tub has helped them improve their diabetic reactions and symptoms. 

Part of this could be similar to our reason for lowering blood pressure. When you sleep better, feel better, lose a little weight, and have better circulation, your body just functions at a much higher level. This could be precisely what causes those with diabetes to see some relief. Check with your doctor and see if this is a technique that they would recommend. 

11. Better Skin

Some people think that the chemicals used in hot tubs make it a bad choice for your skin. This is not really the case. In fact, the typical chemicals used in a hot tub are much less harsh than in a pool. If people could afford to keep their pool clean with hot tub chemicals, they may just try it!

If you want something that is great on your skin, look into the saltwater hot tubs. Any type of saltwater is an excellent thing for your skin. The reason the hot tub will leave your skin feeling refreshed is that it will open your pores and allow toxins to escape. After all, we all have a few toxins we would not mind getting rid of! 

12. Less Joint Pain 

Last but certainly not least on our list of the benefits of hot tub usage is less joint paint. You don’t have to have arthritis to notice that the hot tub will help your joints feel relaxed and refreshed. 

Often, people who have suffered an injury start to rely on other areas of their bodies a little more. For instance, if you have one bad knee, the other might start to act up because of the increased work. The hot tub water therapy will help to loosen the joints. In addition to working on sore joints, the hot tub also relieves muscle pain. Regardless of what has you hurting, the health benefits of a hot tub could help you start feeling like new. 

Many More Amazing Hot Tub Benefits 

Although we highlighted twelve of the hot tub benefits that we find to be most impressive, you will likely find many more. Chances are you will realize that hot tubs help to decrease your headaches or even affect your mood by making you happier. 

Some of our readers ask, “Are hot tubs safe?” The answer is that hot tubs are safe if they are correctly used. If you follow doctors’ orders to access some of these health benefits of owning a hot tub, then it should be safe for you. 

You may even be able to deduct it on your taxes if it’s prescribed by your healthcare provider. The only thing left for you to do is to start using a hot tub today!